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I was born in New York and moved to Greenville when I was 5. I grew up here and decided to leave when I was 25. I moved to Chicago and a year later enrolled at LeCordon Bleu Chicago. After finishing culinary school and living in Chicago for about 2 years, Greenville was slowly becoming just a memory.  Little did I know what was going on in the town I grew up in: it  was becoming a jewel! Four years later my wife and I decided to make the move. My Dream all along was to open a cool, hip Greek restaurant!

I welcome all of you to (jī-rōz), an exclusive farm to table Greek concept!! Come enjoy mezé, Greek cheeses, traditional Greek dishes, in-house charcuterie, in-house pastries and breads, Greek wine, local craft beers and people you will love!

– John Makkas

our location with free parking around the back


Serving authentic greek dishes

σαλατες (sa-la’-tes)

γυρος (yi’-ros)

καλαμάκια (ka-la-ma’-kyah)

κοτόπουλο ψητο (kō-tō’-pou-lō)(psi-tō’)
rotisserie chicken

παραδοσιακά (pa-ra-thō-si-a-ka’)

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11am-9:30pm Mon-Tues, 11am-10pm Wed-Sat, Closed Sun