New Greek Wines

We are proud to serve many Greek wines at Ji-roz. In an effort to introduce Greenville to all the unique, exciting wines Greek has to offer, we’ve added several new glasses and bottles to our wine list from some of the most respected wineries in Greece. Come try something new!

Domaine Skouras St. George Agiorgitiko
Semeli Feast Moschofilero
Domaine Spiropoulos Moschofilero
Gentilini Robola of Cephalonia
Domaine Mercouri Letrini Red
Thymiopoulos Malagouzia Boarding Pass
Gaia Estate Red
Megas Oenos Red
Drama Sauvignon Blanc Thema
Santos Santorini Assyrtiko
Crete Klima Red
…and many more!

now open!

I was born in New York and moved to Greenville when I was 5. I grew up here and decided to leave when I was 25. I moved to Chicago and a year later enrolled at LeCordon Bleu Chicago. After finishing culinary school and living in Chicago for about 2 years, Greenville was slowly becoming just a memory.  Little did I know what was going on in the town I grew up in: it  was becoming a jewel! Four years later my wife and I decided to make the move. My Dream all along was to open a cool, hip Greek restaurant!

I welcome all of you to (jī-rōz), an exclusive farm to table Greek concept!! Come enjoy mezé, Greek cheeses, traditional Greek dishes, in-house charcuterie, in-house pastries and breads, Greek wine, local craft beers and people you will love!

– John Makkas

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Serving authentic greek dishes

σαλατες (sa-la’-tes)

γυρος (yi’-ros)

καλαμάκια (ka-la-ma’-kyah)

κοτόπουλο ψητο (kō-tō’-pou-lō)(psi-tō’)
rotisserie chicken

παραδοσιακά (pa-ra-thō-si-a-ka’)

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