Christmas Catering

christmas catering

take and bake christmas dinner

everything will come with instructions on how to finish baking

(pick-up on December 23rd and 24th)

Order by December 20 @ noon

Order by Email

Call John Makkas

@864-567-9889 with any questions

Orders must be confirmed by us and paid for in advance


main course (all feeds 8 – 12)

angus prime rib 139

roasted leg of lamb 109

half spiral glazed ham 49

roasted turkey breast 49

sides (all feeds 8 – 10)

greek salad 30

greek style green beans 20

roasted greek style fingerling potatoes 20

macaroni and cheese casserole 20

squash casserole 22

sweet potato soufflé with a praline crunch 24

spicy feta dip (pint) 12


house-made 50 layer baklava 6pc 18 12pc 32