Family Style Menu

Large Format Dinners

Family Style

Whole Leg of Lamb

Braised Bethel Trails Lamb

Served with warm pita, diced onion, tomato & tzatziki

Family style Greek salad

Serves 6-8

4” Loukaniko Coil

House made pork sausage with orange zest & leek

Served with fennel kraut, baked potatoes & house bread

Serves 5-7

Whole Suckling Pig

Rotisserie bethel trails farm suckling pig (can be butchered for a fee)

Roasted drippings, root vegetables & pickled fennel

Cabbage slaw with green apple

Serves 7-10

Rotisserie Duck

1 bethel trails farm whole duck with greek flavors

served with roasted drippings root vegetables and a seasonal quinoa salad

Serves 6-8

Whole Stuffed Striped Bass

Local roasted whole stuffed fish with greek flavors

Served with spanakorizo (spinach and rice) and scordalia (traditional greek garlic & potato side dish)

# of fish depends on party size


Please note that all dinners are subject to market pricing. Please call us at 864-373-9445 for pricing and to book your family-style dinner. Please give at least 72 hour notice so we may serve you the best, freshest ingredients. Dessert can also be ordered ahead of time.